Heat Exhaustion

Heat Exhaustion

Heat Exhaustion

Have you ever felt very hot, fatigued, sick, dizzy, had a rapid heart beat, cramps, sweated heavily or urinated less often and much darker than normal? If so; you may have been suffering from Heat Exhaustion.

When you sweat your body looses water and body salts, your core temperature raises above 38 degrees. If you don’t hydrate this could quickly lead to heat stroke.Blue Earth Training - Heat Exhaustion

Water makes up to 60% of a persons body weight, it plays a fundamental role in digestion, absorption and in eliminating waste.

Water helps maintain your bodies temperature by expelling excess heat through the skin via perspiration and evaporation. The hypothalamus in your brain controls your core temperature so if you are having a bad day you may need to hydrate.

Treating heat exhaustion is simple. Move the person indoors or to a shaded area, remove excess clothing and lay them down. Give them plenty of fluids to hydrate but not cold water, alcohol or coffee.

Apply a wet flannel or facecloth to their skin and obtain medical advice even if they recover quickly. Request an ambulance if they don’t respond to the above treatment or if you are unsure of what to do. Keeping your first aid simple and safe will help save a life.

Our courses teach you how to recognise and treat casualties that may be suffering from Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke.

Blue Earth Training - Heat Stroke


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