Choking Blue Earth TrainingChoking would you know what to do?

Each year more than 2,800 people die from choking, it only takes 3 – 4 minutes for someone to die from a blocked airway, so speed is of the essence. It can take up to 8 minutes for an ambulance to arrive at the clubhouse let alone the furthest green.

Mild choking – Firstly, encourage the casualty to cough this will clear the obstruction and the casualty should be able to speak to you.

Severe choking – There are 3 steps to recovery.

Step 1 – Shout for HELP; bend the casualty forward so their head is lower than their chest. Give up to 5 firm blows between the shoulder blades with the palm of your hand. Checking between blows and stop if you clear the obstruction.

Step 2 – Stand behind the casualty and place both your arms around their waist. Make a fist with one hand and place it just above the belly button with your thumb inwards. Grasp this fist with your other hand and then pull sharply inwards and upwards. Do this up to 5 times checking between thrusts.

Step 3 – Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the obstruction is clear then ask them to seek immediate medical attention.

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